My Affair With India – Two simple poems


Mommy India…

I’ve always liked you the way you are
Rich or poor, good or bad, pretty or ugly

But if you’re shining high, that’s better still
For one day I shall undeniably return to thee

To live my pending life in your cosy lap
To play some more childhood games

To pay off the debts I owe to you
To give back what I received from you

To know you more, from the depths of my heart
Dig deeper into the deep roots of my ancestry

To finally sleep restfully, layered in your soil
To scatter and flow immersed in your holy rivers

Till then I will love you from wherever I am
From near and far…from far or near

©2017 Alka 

India…my last wish

India is my first love
Once, it was my heart
And soul, my birthplace
That I never wished to leave

Two decades gone living
A two-faced life of an NRI
A non-resident Indian
An Australian-Indian

But what am I to India?
A guest for just a few days
Or few weeks. Not for month
After month, not for years

For one long year, if I get to live
A life of a resident Indian
That I once naturally was…
A wish come true it will be

Every single day – for an year
Waking up to the Indian sun
Sweet Indian birds chirping
Simple street side vendors
(I don’t care for shopping malls)

No depressed NRIs around me
Only genuinely happy Indians
With their no-pretense smiles
Going about their everyday lives

To reside in India in my own home
Not as a guest in others’ homes
No flimsy longing, for relations or friends
Rather be bored of them, at peace with them

The country becomes mine, my very own
If not forever, at least for an year
That’s not asking for too much
Not a wish that cannot become real

©2017 Alka Girdhar.